How does
Matchly work?

Matchly is the only credit line that helps you build wealth. How?
You use our credit line to increase your wealth for your future.


But isn't debt bad?
Well, it depends.

Debt is only bad if you use it to spend more. Let's look at an example:


Personal loan

A personal loan can put you in a bad financial position, because it increases your spending:


Your bank balance goes down, and potentially negative, if you don't save enough money


Matchly credit line

A Matchly credit line is different, because you use it to get your employer match and build wealth, not increase spending:


Matchly contributes money to your 401(k) plan with every paycheck and your employer matches


You pay Matchly back, but you get to keep your employer match. You will never end up negative, because you didn't spend the money we lent you.

Treat your personal finances
like a business.

But debt can be very good, if you use it
to improve your future. That's how
businesses use debt.